National Treasures


An International Youth Exchange Program

National Treasures is a collaborative youth exchange, creative development, and a platform for future international opportunities. It was developed as a research project by partners from the UK, Sweden, Brazil and Australia, who work in formal, non-formal and informal education. The partners have identified two groups of young people struggling to function in mainstream education:

  • At risk youth – those experiencing social and/or economic obstacles
  • Early specialists – those considered gifted and talented


International Youth Exchange

National Treasures brings together six young people from each country in two one-week-long youth exchanges, one in Melbourne (November 12-19, 2017) and one in the UK (March 24-31, 2018).
The exchanges will use play, led predominantly by the young people, to explore and combine different interests and ideas, and begin development of a theatre work that combines sport, theatre and circus. This collaboration has the potential to engage new audiences through uniting art forms fuelled by the passion of 24 young people, 2 directors, 1 circus artist, 1 African percussionist and dancer and a sports coach. A creative development showing will be offered in Melbourne in Nov 2017.

8 months volunteering in Sweden

Two volunteer positions are available to work in Orkelljunga, Sweden, for eight months. The positions, made available through the European Volunteer Service (EVS), are significantly subsidised, with flights covered to a value of €1,100, a monthly contribution to food and accommodation and a weekly stipend for volunteers. IFALL have an embryonic circus program and they are interested in expanding. The Volunteers will gain experience in working with young refugees, in exchange they will work with the Swedish volunteers at IFALL to increase their capacity to continue to teach circus activities They have access to a great space, suitable for circus, and a certain amount of

International Youth Exchange

Melbourne, 11 – 18 November 2017

Day 1

The group headed to the Preston Market; a lively local market with foods and lots of activities for all ages. The Brazilian group played drums and showcased some dances from Mozambique, Guinea and Angola, followed by a short performance from the Westside Circus Troupe. In the afternoon it was off to watch Cirque du Solei at the Rod Laver Arena

Day 2

The Third day started with an Indigenous Welcome To Country ceremony, followed by a tour around Baredin Park, introducing some aspects of indigenous culture. The tour finished with a very tasty barbecue prepared by the Westside Circus team. Afterwards participants headed to Westside Circus headquarter for some circus workshops including trampoline, hula hoop, trapeze and balance.

Day 3

On the fourth day, the Swedish group (lead by the amazing Neco) led a drama class. They delivered some exercices aiming at helping the participants to develop their imagination and acting with others. After a nice lunch with Kangaroo steak for some, the group headed to Melbourne centre for a historical walk lead by Jane.

Day 4

The British group started the day with a lesson of Rounders, an english bat-and-ball game played between two teams. The players score by running around the four bases on the field. After lunch, the participants headed back to Westside Circus for some more circus workshops: hula hoop, trapeze and human pyramids. In the evening the Bristish group prepared an amazing meal with cottage pie for the main course and apple crumble for the desert.

Day 5

Day 5 was the Brazilian group’s turn to lead the activities, running percussion workshops for all the participants. In the afternoon, the group rehearsed for the Friday performance at Westside Circus. The day ended with a nice soiree at a Thai restaurant.
Really good to see that the participants are getting on so well; breaking all cultural and language barrier differences.

Day 6

During day six the participants were occupied with rehearsing for the evenings performance, to the Westside Circus community. Afterwards everybody relaxed around the BBQ.