Low Altitude project at John Fawkner College

Grade 6's and Year 7's use circus to succeed

Low Altitude is a new project within our long-term Altitude program. Working with Grade 6’s and Year 7’s right at the start of their journey in secondary school it was designed in close consultation with the transition team at John Fawkner College the project aligned circus activity with transition. Activities took place in the first two terms of 2018, supporting the new Year 7s as they settled into their new school environment and as a way to welcome potential new students who visited as local Grade 6s interested in joining the school in 2019.
They discovered that circus was not so different from high school – a little bit scary but pretty exciting!
Students had the chance to try all kinds of new activities and master a range of new skills. They balanced precariously at first and then with growing confidence on the top of a rola bola. They threw one ball then two then three in the air, and surprised themselves when they found they could keep their juggling pattern going. They overcame their fears and trusted others to keep them safe – climbing on each other to stand high in a star on cat acrobalance.
The project staff watched what was happening on the circus floor and captured it in a poster, articulating how circus could support transition into high school. The project was a great chance to support these young people at a vital stage in their education and to further develop ideas and approached that can be used to help more young people in the future.
Click here to download the printable poster "Circus supports Transition" created as part of this project
We would like to thank Moreland City Council for their generous support that made this project possible