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Innovative and accessible circus workshops from Pre-school to University levels. We deliver programs scaled to your needs, anything from one off workshops to term long programs either at our customised studio in Brunswick or at your own venue.

Education Week - Free workshops
Free workshops during education week at our circus studio in Preston.
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  • Circus is a physical and adventurous art form that is engaging and fun for people of all ages and abilities. Everyone can find an activity within circus that is suited to their ability, temperament and level of skills. It enhances emotional and physical health by encouraging participants to be active and gain a sense of achievement.

    Our workshops and performances lead to:

    Increased confidence and self esteem
    Greater problem solving skills
    Increased focus, engagement and perseverance
    Increased physical fitness and dexterity
    New ways to address VELS domains

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  • First Class Circus
    Our most popular practical workshop. This is the ideal solution if you are looking for a highly engaging and individualised workshop that will provide new experiences, exciting challenges and fun. Activities include: Aerials, (e.g. trapeze, cloudswing, ropes), Manipulation (e.g. juggling, diablo, hoops, plate balancing), Balance activites (e.g. pyramids, double balance, rolla bolla), and Tumbling (e.g. rolls, mini tramp)
  • Juggling and Clowning around
    A great solution to including more people without extra cost, these workshops work really well for larger numbers or as a fun activity to boost your existing program. Whether you’re learning the secrets of laughter with our ‘Clown Around’ workshops or keeping your eye on the ball at ‘Juggling Prac’, both workshops explore the kinds of circus skills that are less focused on death defying acts and more on precision and performance.
  • Make it, Use it, Keep it
    Love circus? Learn to make your own circus equipment! Participants learn to make and use circus equipment like hula hoops, juggling balls, juggling sticks or poi. This is a fantastic way to multiply the positive outcomes of your workshop. Westside Circus provides all materials, and you get to take your new equipment home!
  • Performance Making
    Give your students the chance to show off their new skills! Westside Circus can work with your participants to put together a show for your next event, assembly or special occasion. * A minimum of 8 workshops is required in order to learn the skills and rehearse the show.
Our Circus Artists and Youth performance troupe can entertain your audiences at your school or community events with drop in circus workshops, roving juggling and clowning and on stage performances.

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Education Week
21st – 27th May
Healthy Mind, Healthy Body

This year we are offering two specialist sessions during education week to explore the connections between engaging bodies and minds in physical activity and the long-term positive experiences this leads to.
Sessions are available Monday through to Friday

  • Acrobatic and Aerials
    We will run a series of hands on 1.5hr circus workshops focusing on Acrobalance, Acrobatics and Aerials. The sessions start off with a general fun physical warm-up and stretch,, to get the body moving and the mind and muscles loosened. Splitting into two smaller groups, participants will then have a chance to try new things and challenge themselves on a range of aerial equipment and the mini-tramp. Following this the group will come back together for floor based acrobalance, culminating in a whole group balance act.
  • Percussive Juggling
    We will run a series of circus workshops focusing on percussive juggling. The sessions start with a fun, physical warm-up and stretch, to get the body moving and the mind and muscles loosened. This is followed by some simple and engaging hand-eye coordination and rhythm exercises . During the last part of the session the participants work with chukka chuks (percussive juggling balls) to practice practice throwing, and catching whilst learning the new skills of adding rhythm to juggling.

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Arts Learning Festival 3rd to 7th May

During the Arts Learning Festival we are offering circus workshops for students and professional development sessions for teachers at our circus studio in Preston.
  • Student WorkshopsThese 2 hr workshops introduce students to the basics of circus arts including tumbling, manipulation (juggling, devil sticks, diabolo etc.), acrobalance (human pyramids, and people hanging off each other), equiibristics (balancing on giant balls, rola bola, and tight ropes) and aerials.
    Primary Students: 10.30 – 12.30 Wed 3rd May
    Secondary Students 10.30 -12.30 Thursday 4th May
    cost $25
  • PD sessions for teachersThese 2hr sessions give an introduction into our methodology of engaging young people in challenging physical activities and fostering a sense of fun, trust, cooperation and team spirit. Teachers will be provided with a resource kit to take home.
    Primary Teachers 1 – 3 Wed 3rd May
    Secondary Teachers 1 – 3pm Thu 4th May
    Cost$ 25
To book go to Arts Learning Website

Arts Learning Festival