Altitude is a pilot project addressing the needs of young people who are at
risk of disengagement from education, and those who are already disengaged.
Presented by Westside Circus Altitude it is an innovative program that
uses the experience of learning circus to engage and inspire the participants,
teaching essential life skill,  offering the potential for
long-term life changing experiences.

Workshops teach a number of circus techniques including acrobatics,
juggling and equilibristics. In addition, because circus is a responsive form
made up of many arts, the workshops will include other elements such as dance,
visual arts and music in response to the interests and abilities of the group.

Altitude Pilotprograms are currently delivered in association with
Glenroy College, Fawkner College and Shepparton ACE.

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Altitude is proudly supported by

The City of Moreland, Westpac Foundation, The Marian And E. H. Flack Trust, Helen McPerson Smith Trust and the Department of Justice

MY Circus in the Community

Building on our ongoing Mixed Ability Circus program, Westside Circus
delivers workshops to young people aged 9-25 with disabilities in the
area of Darebin and across northern Melbourne. This will foster the
development of the unique art forms that are emerging as part of the disability
culture movement. The program is designed to connect members of the disability
community and arts organisations to provide activities that support and
encourage creative expression and a positive attitude to physical and emotional
health and well-being.

MY Circus

MY Circus is proudly supported by

The City of Darebin, the Pierce Armstrong Foundation, and the Besen Family Foundation


In partnership with Newlands Primary School, JumpStart is presented in a
fun environment with a focus on play. JumpStart teaches the students new physical
skills whilst concurrently developing a number of life skills to achieve successful transitions
into new secondary schools and other contexts.

In particular the program focuses on resilience, providing the young people
with a supported environment in which to learn that success is made up of
just as many little mistakes as wins; learning to master Rolla Bolla by
gradually balancing for longer and longer periods of time is a great
way to learn resilience; learning juggling by breaking down the activity
into succeeding first with one ball, then two then three helps the
participants to understand the art of learning; mastering balancing
in a human pyramid develops trust and
teamwork skills.

JumpStart is proudly supported by

The City of Moreland